Only $4.95 per microchip

Our microchips are 134.2 kHz, the ISO world standard. Considering a Canadian dog was once re-united with its person after being found in Portugal, it’s important to have a world standard.

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Universal Scanners

Starting at $249

Our scanners are universal, reading all frequencies of microchips (125 kHz, 128 kHz, 134.2 kHz). If your scanner isn’t universal, you’re only able to find some microchips in pets, and unable to re-unite others with their people.

Compact Max Scanner
Tech Specs

A lightweight, portable scanner best for mobile units.

Omni Max Scanner
Tech Specs

An entry-level scanner recommended for light to moderate applications.

ISO Max V Scanner
Tech Specs

Our highest performance, top-of-the-line model for heavy duty and critical shelter applications.

Xtend Max Scanner
Tech Specs

Designed to keep you out of harm’s way while working with fractious animals.

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The First Free Microchip Database

The sole purpose of our registry is to return pets to their people. It’s free for pet professionals and pet owners alike. Even transfers and updates come at no cost. There are no gimmicks and no hidden fees.

Benefits of our free registry:

Free to the pet professional and pet owner

Batch upload microchip registrations for customers

Call, text and email pet owners with one click

Sound the alarm with rescues, emergency contacts, and vets

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